Sunshore was succesful in the 110th canton fair.

Author:SunShore Source:  Time:2011-10-26

110th canton fair was closed on Oct. 19th in Guangzhou, China. Sunshore is one of the famous brands in the brand area in 5.2 F37-38, G11-12. And it was popular by the foreigner customers.

Sunshore is one of the leading vacuum tubes solar water heater manufacturers in China with more than 13 years experience, because of high quality products, competitive price, professional services, we are becoming popular in the world.

During canton fair, there are hundreds of customers from Mid east, Africa, South America, Australia, Asia etc., who come to sunshore booth and have great discussion with sunshore sales, they like sunshore products, and have intention to establish strong and firmly cooperation with Sunshore for solar water heater business in long term.As far, we have received a lot of orders from canton fair and we are so happy to hear that we have got success and reputation.However, we will keep on making efforts toward this filed.