Leakage protection

when the internal pressure is over 10KG/cm2,safety valve will release pressure automatically ,safe for users .

Overpressure protection

If the leakage current reaches 0.01A ,the leakage protector we design specially will cut the power during 0.1 second ,without any danger.

Over-temperature protection

when the water temperature is too high ,bipolar temperature protection switch will cut off live wire and zero wire quickly ,stop heating completely ,ensuring safe use .

Dry-heating protection

Even in the condition of heating but without water ,the special electrical heater with dry-heating protection will also not burn out ,ensure long life time .

Backflow protection

It uses retaining valve ,even in the condition of no water suddenly ,the water in the inner tank will also not back flow .

Splash protection

Safe design for splash protection ,without any danger when you are in the bathe .

Automatic microcomputer temperature protection

It can heat or cut off power automatically , keep the design temperature exactly .

Self-checking for intelligent trouble protection

Check and display troubles automatically ,maximally providing security ,please feel easy to use .

Technical parameter